Father’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Unique Gifts for Dad

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Father’s Day comes every year, and it can be tough to find unique gifts for Dad. Luckily… this is exactly what we’re here for!

Of course, the greatest Father’s Day gift of all is to give your time. Whether you’re spending the day with your dad(s) on June 16th or taking him/them out another time, spending time together is the best possible present.

We also love giving time in acts of service – these are a great sercy. Does your dad need help with a project? Is there a chore or errand he hates that you could run for him? Giving the gift of a favor or support on a project is a lovely Father’s Day present.

Family picture of Sercy founders mother-daughter team Heather and Emmy with Emmy's dad, sister and brother
The sercy family: mother-daughter founders Heather and Emmy are on the lower right, with Emmy’s dad, brother and sister.

At Sercy, we love choosing thoughtful, unexpected presents that will surprise and delight your dad (and anyone else, for that matter). That’s what is so fun about our job: we hand-pick gifts that are made by artisans right here in the USA and made with love, attention and care. It’s so much fun to think about people receiving their sercy in the mail or on Father’s Day, and imagining their joy.

Even if you think your dad (or dads!) is uniquely hard to shop for, check out the list below. There are gifts for the dad who has everything (hint: think consumables) and gifts for different tastes and interests. Plus: these presents are great Father’s Day gifts for Grandpa, too.

Sercy’s 9 Unique Gifts for Father’s Day:

Useful Gifts for Dad:

  • For the dad who loves grilling and cooking, we suggest our Chef Sercy Set featuring Smoked Sea Salt, Smoked Pepper and Smoked Chef’s Blend seasonings, made in small batches in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • If your dad loves hand-crafted cocktails, we recommend our set of five aromatic bitters (all made in small batches and tested at the Woodford Reserve® distillery room) or our deep ruby cocktail cherries.
  • On the mixed drinks accessories side, our Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker is a terrific Father’s Day gift. It’s a unique twist on your typical cocktail shaker, and the mason jar it comes with can be reused for all sorts of purposes.

Father’s Day Gifts from Daughters:

  • If you love candles and scent and want to share that with your dad, our Teakwood and Tobacco Vanilla candles are the perfect choice to enhance the ambiance of your dad’s office, bathroom, bedroom or dining room.
  • Do you like snacks? Does your dad like snacks? (Is that a real question?) Check out our Sweet and Savory Cocktail Peanuts for a yummy gift that you and your dad can share.

Personal Gifts for Dad:

Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas:

  • Back on the cocktail theme, our Cocktail Sercy Set (featuring out Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, plus Old Fashioned Simple Syrup and Bohemian and Hummingbird Bitters) is a great gift basket for the dad who loves making mixed drinks at home.
  • Another option on the theme is our Hudson and Lee Mixology Box, which includes our Mason Jar Cocktail Mixer, Simple Syrup, and four recipe cards so you and your dad can get right to making drinks at home for Father’s Day.

Whether you celebrate Father’s Day by giving the gift of time, a physical present or both, we hope you and your dads(s) have a sunny, joyful, special Father’s Day.

About Sercy: Sercy is a curated online gift store that spreads kindness, one gift at a time! We help thoughtful people like you find the perfect gift. A portion of all Sercy sales are donated to The Kind Campaign, a nonprofit that offers awareness and healing of girl-on-girl bullying.

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