1818 Farms

Life the way it used to be….. Preserving history and honoring tradition by working a sustainable farm, producing handmade products, and educating the public on the value of self-sufficiency, craftsmanship, and a strong sense of community. “The idea for this family project originated with my middle child, Gamble, who fell in love with the Babydoll Southdown Sheep that he met at a petting farm we visited in October 2011. Owning a Babydoll was all he could talk about, so, thinking this would be fun and educational for our family to do together, I began researching where to buy a few lambs to raise as a family project on our land here in Mooresville. And then, as Gamble, my 8 year-old entrepreneur, began to plan what he was going to do with his sheep: sell the wool, sell the manure to garden shops, charge for photographs, and even stage a Nativity scene at the church if he could find a baby, I began to dream my own plans for a small profitable farm where we could teach our children to appreciate the land and animals and to be good conservationists. We also wanted to teach them the importance of being self-sustaining.”
Located on three acres in the northwest corner of the historic village of Mooresville, AL (pop. 58), 1818 Farms is named for the year Mooresville was incorporated, one year before Alabama became a state.
1818 Farms’ bath and beauty products contain some of the farms’ lavender and herbs. Featured on the labels are some of the more popular farm animals from Farrah Fawcett’s Bath Tea and Clover’s Lip Smack to Sweet Pea and her scented Shea Creme. These products are all handmade, hand-packaged and include all-natural ingredients.

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