Jen Aly Designs

Jewelry with intention: A material reminder of your soul’s purpose in daily life
Do you want more energy, love, or calmness? What if you could choose jewelry that supports more of what you want in your life? My mission is that you feel empowered & expressed every time you wear jewelry from Jen Aly Designs.
I hand hammer metal sculpted designs and wire-wrap beads to add color and vibrancy. I love gemstones and am obsessed with learning the variety of healing and energetic properties. Some of my favorites include labradorite, chalcedony, moonstone, jasper, citrine, prehnite, and turquoise.
A Martha Beck trained life coach since ’03, I combine my coaching skills with my artistic skills to offer a unique and lasting experience of art that affects your everyday life. My love of gemstones and a special intuitive connection allows me to choose meaningful, healing gemstones and create individualized custom designs.
My intention is that you love the jewelry you buy, and feel empowered & fabulous when wearing it!

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