Mood Indigo

I am a Soap-nut who loves staying up into the wee hours of the morning stirring a cauldron of hot soap, while blasting bad eighties pop. Making soap allows me to connect with the creative parts of my Self and provides a wonderful outlet for my limited artistic and creative abilities!
My deep passion in life is to help people live joyful, healthy, vibrant lives; a passion I get to fulfill in my practice as a psychotherapist, coach and as a soap-maker. I love helping people dive deep to reclaim and reconnect with the lost parts of themselves, wake up to their full potential and generally find their way in life. I have a deep interest and curiosity in the Mind-Body connection and believe that my two interests in life, psychotherapy and soap making, express that duality. Mood Indigo Soaps is an expression of my desire to revolutionize the way we think and take care of our BodyMinds!
I love nothing more (er, maybe my kids and my husband….??), than to don my soap making garb, strap on my goggles, pull up those long rubber gloves, and sing off-key as I whip up a batch of soap. You’ve got to know that each bar of soap and every jar of my balms, butters and scrubs are imbued with that very same energy…. Joyful, vibrant, luxurious and really healthy!!! I have a whole lot of fun and create each product with a great deal of love, care and good vibes!!
Mood Indigo Soaps has become a way for me to share happy, healthy, vibrant, living with YOU. As a therapist my desire to heal more than just a few has truly inspired Mood Indigo. Each of my essential oil scents are connected to very real aromatherapies, and in some cases, just plain ol’ fun. If singing skin makes you want more, dance along to my website to find your groove and to see what may be the best fit for you.
I hope you’ll also visit my blog, where I continue to explore the process of health and healing through the power of humor and story. So come and join us in this adventure and become part of the Mood Indigo Revolution, to live joyful, healthy and vibrant lives. The Moodi’s welcome you!!!!

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