Rustic House

Five years ago, two best friends ditched the corporate world to establish a candle company….and the rest is histoy.
So, why candles? From the time she was a little girl, Co-Founder Emily Warr was intrigued with how scent could trigger memories and evoke emotions. In high school, her interest for candle making and running a small business ignited. With those two passions, she decided to pursue a career. Upon receiving a business degree, she convinced her best friend Chelsea Cash to move to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Together, they established The Rustic House in 2013.

The Rustic House is committed to making clean and honest candles. Through that, we hope to tell your story through scent. No matter who you are, our candles fit with any lifestyle.

With 15+ years experience of testing a variety of waxes, we have mastered a soy blend that is perfectly clean, soft and highly scented–from the first to last light. Each candle is made with American-raised soy that supports sustainable farming practices and agriculture.
A skin-safe blend of fragrances and essential oils are used in our candles. Extensive thought and care goes into crafting each scent to make sure candles are of high quality and adequately balanced.
Each wick is 100% braided cotton to achieve the best burn possible for our wax and fragrance mix. Because the wicks are cotton and do not contain lead, the scent throw is strong–no matter the size of the room. Each candle burns clean to the very bottom of the container. No tunneling or wax left behind!
Carefully double painted, logo’d, and fired with a white matte finish that fits with virtually any decor. We strive for a clean, classic container.
Our natural wood lids are cut to fit both our travel tins and glass candles. Not only is it a smooth, snug cap–the lid can also be used to snuff out smoke when you are finished enjoying your candle.

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