Southern Fragrances

Southern Fragrances all started one day when I walked into my friend’s house. She was burning this amazing candle that smelled like Cabernet wine. I asked her where she got it from and how much she spent on it. I immediately thought to myself – “I can make that!” And I did! I started making candles just for myself to see how it would go. I started with three scents, “Fab Cab!” “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” and “Autumn is in the Air”. I didn’t really think much on selling them until my friends got a whiff of them. And that’s when things got rolling. I started entering myself in craft shows and selling them at Dollface Skin and Makeup Lounge.

That was a couple years ago and I’m still creating amazingly scented candles. Where do I get my inspiration for my candle scents? Some scents are trial and error. You really don’t know how the candle is going to turn out until it’s finished and you test it out on your friends. I really enjoy making candles that fit my mood. Spring / Summer scents are full of florals and tropical fruits. Summer time drinks have been a good inspiration. Fall / Winter scents are all about being snuggly and cozy at home.

I make all candles in small batches to keep consistency across all fragrances. All candles have enough fragrance oils in them for you to smell them even if they’re not lit. I only use all natural soy wax. This natural material helps candles burn slower, cooler and cleaner than traditional wax candles and are an eco-friendly companion to mother earth!

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