House Warming Set



The House Warming Sercy Set is the perfect way to welcome a new neighbor or take as a hostess gift!

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All of the Soap Lady's soaps and lotions contain the following saponified oils & natural ingredients: Olive Oil (an emollient), Coconut Oil (for lather), Beef Tallow (base), Organic Oils (scent no perfumes), Vitamin E (nature's deodorant), Castor Oil (prevents bathtub ring), and Food Color (no dyes). These soaps are great for sensitive skin including eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, dry skin, and oily skin.

Freshen up your home, office, laundry room, car or bathroom with the 1818 Farms "Counting Sheep" Linen and Room Spray. It only takes a few spritzes of the lavender essential oil-based spray to transform a smelly place into a pleasant space!  One of our customers even keeps it in her car to spray her son's smelly hockey equipment!

The s.a.l.t. sisters are dedicated to providing quality products that are hand-blended in small batches for the freshest flavor. They produce products that are healthy, unrefined and made from responsibly harvested ingredients, this is reflected by their decision to source only the best products Nature has to offer. 

This s.a.l.t. sisters original bread dip is full of flavor. You will love it!

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Soap Lady’s Lemongrass Sage Hand Lotion

1818 Farm’s Counting Sheep Linen and Room Spray

Salt Sister’s Everyday Seasoning Salt

Salt Sister’s Charmane’s Dip


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