Lemon-Lime Coco Loco Handmade Bar Soap


This refreshing handmade bar soap contains pure lemon, lime and may chang essential oils, zestfully blended with coconut milk and hand stirred with olive, coconut, palm and rice bran oils.

The ‘Coco-Logo’ scent is ideal for stimulating your morning. This pure, all-natural soap is perfect gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, a self-care package, stocking stuffer, and more!

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  • This handmade bar soap in Coco-Logo scent is a fresh, clean, and stimulating scent designed to energize you!
  • Mood Indigo soaps are made with pure, all-natural ingredients to make your skin sing!
  • Handmade with love in Davidson, North Carolina, USA.

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This creamy, handmade bar soap in the bright, Coco-Loco lemon-lime scent is a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, housewarming, and much more.

This artisanal soap is made with pure, all-natural ingredients that are great for your skin and for the earth!

Details and Dimensions

Your soap is handcrafted in small batches using nothing but premium vegetable oils and butters, natural clays, flowers, leaves, stems and buds, and pure botanical essential oils. This soap is free of synthetic preservatives, detergents, phosphates, parabens and phthalates!

These four ounces of Coco-Loco handmade bar soap contain pure lemon, lime and may chang essential oils (may chang is an evergreen plant from Asia, called ‘mountain pepper’ in Mandarin). The essential oils are zestfully blended with coconut milk and hand stirred with olive, coconut, palm and rice bran oils, water, sodium hydroxide and natural botanical colorants.

Made by Mood Indigo

Réa Wright is a soap-nut who loves staying up late, stirring a cauldron of hot soap. Her passion is to help people live joyful, healthy, vibrant lives; a passion she fulfills in her practice as a psychotherapist, coach and soap-maker. Réa’s desire to heal inspired Mood Indigo, where each of her essential oil scents are connected to aromatherapies (and in some cases, just plain ol’ fun).

Mood Indigo Soaps is an expression of Réa’s interest in the mind-body connection, and her desire to revolutionize the way we think about and take care of our BodyMinds. She loves nothing more than to don her soap-making garb, strap on goggles, pull on those long rubber gloves, and sing off-key as she whips up a batch of soap.

Each bar of handmade soap is imbued with the same energy: joyful, vibrant, luxurious and healthy to make your skin sing! Réa has a lot of fun creating each product with love, care and good vibes!

Kindness in Action

At Sercy we believe in the importance of giving back. Being KIND is cool and it starts with you! We are proud to donate a portion of the proceeds from this dog tag necklace to the Kind Campaign, an incredible nonprofit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying through their global movement, documentary film, in-school assemblies, and educational curriculums.


We want you to be happy with your purchase. However, because soap is a personal use product, we cannot accept the product for refund or exchange. We will be happy to accept the unused product in its original packaging for exchange or refund, less shipping and handling fees.

If you’re not sure whether a particular product works for you, test it on your inner elbow, where the skin is especially tender. If the soap causes irritation, do not use. If no irritation is experienced, you can safely use that product on a regular basis. Sensitive skin can be allergic to even the most natural ingredients!

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