Lemongrass Sage Wax Melt


This candle is equally fresh and earthy. Lemongrass adds sweetness, while sage infuses the wax melt with an organic undertone. Argan oil ties the two notes together, making Lemongrass Sage a smooth, relaxing scent.

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 A skin-safe blend of fragrances and essential oils are used in The Rustic House's products. Extensive thought and care goes into crafting each scent to make sure they are of high quality and adequately balanced.  With 15 years experience of testing a variety of waxes, The Rustic House has mastered a soy blend that is perfectly clean, soft and highly scented--from the first to last light. Each product is made with American-raised soy that supports sustainable farming practices and agriculture. Each hand crafted wax melt comes in a case fo 4.

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