Sercy Subscription

What’s more fun than giving a SERCY? Well, receiving one obviously! And guess what? That is just what you can do!

We have 2 fun and easy options for choose from.

Our monthly Sercy Subscription Service (yes, the triple S threat!) is super affordable and fun to boot. For $30 a month, you will receive one box a month that highlights one of our Super Cool Suppliers. One month, it could be a Fly Away Home Box, Mood Indigo Soaps Box, or a Kindness Surprise.

Not up for the monthly gig? No worries. Our Quarterly Sercy Subscription Service could be just the thing. For $100 a quarter, you will receive one box in February, May, August, and November. Each box will be a combination of some of our favorites. You might receive a box of our favorite spa products or seasonal goodies. You just never know what the SERCY might be!

Don’t worry! We don’t send any customer returns or defective products! Only the best!

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