Set of 4 Vintage Silver Cheese Forks Stamped: Cheddar, Jack, Swiss, & Gouda

These vintage silver cheese forks are handmade and stamped with “Cheddar, Jack, Swiss & Gouda.”  These unique silver cheese forks are sure to bring a fun touch to you and your loved one’s table. Perfect for entertaining or a cute housewarming gift. Give a gift that is sure to entertain!

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  • This lovely set of Vintage Silver Cheese Forks have been beautifully repurposed and hand stamped to mark you cheeses
  • This unique Vintage Silver is sure to bring a fun touch to you and your loved one's table.
  • It has a lovely patina of age and gentle use each with a unique handle pattern.

Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Product Details


This set of 4 vintage silver cheese forks is hand made and stamped with Cheddar, Jack, Swiss & Gouda.


 Add fun to your decor with these handmade and hand worked silver cheese forks. Unlike the generic and overlooked reputation of flatware, this set adds charm and style to any spread. In addition, these forks handle patterns and vintage silver make them truly unique.

A cute and witty statement piece that is a great addition to any housewarming gift, or even use it as one of your own entertainment staples.

Made by:

These cheese forks are hand-crafted by Carrie, the founder of Pumpernickel and Wry. She started making hand-made gifts in 2011, never guessing it would turn into a business! She hand-picks vintage goods from antique stores and up-cycles them into cheese markers and more at her shop in Arizona.


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