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Classic Sticker Sheets!  Now with more stickers than ever!  Specifications & features Include:

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6 unique sticker sheets per pack, totaling 390 Stickers! 

Page 1 includes colored dots for easy color coding, "to call," "to do," "deadline," "don't forget," "rescheduled," "today's goals," "important," and much more! 

Page 2 includes a variety of hand drawn coffee icons, "#busyday," "bright idea," "rise and grind," "you go girl" and more 

Page 3 includes "day off," "sick day," "early start," "dinner date, "family time," etc. 

Page 4 includes vacation, travel, weekend and special event themed stickers 

Page 5 includes birthday cakes, balloons, and other party themed stickers 

Page 6 includes a fun variety of hand drawn, trendy icons like cacti, donuts, unicorns and much more!

Great for decorating your planner, decorating cards, scrapbooks, laptops, etc! 

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