Vintage Silver Coronation Silverware Necklace

This unique necklace is hand-crafted and up-cycled from vintage silverware. The handle detail and blue stone adds subtle design and color. This is a gift of jewelry with beauty and grace!

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  • This lovely Vintage Silverware has been beautifully repurposed into a necklace.
  • It has a lovely patina of age and gentle use.

Product Details


Unique vintage silver necklace, handmade from vintage silverware and accessorized with a blue stone.


Handmade and handworked from start to end, this silver coronation necklace will add fun to your wardrobe. Hand-crafted and up-cycled from vintage silverwares subtle handle detail with a blue stone added for color, this coronation necklace gives a new look to the idea of jewelry.

A cute and witty statement piece that is a great addition to any mothers day or birthday gift. Even use it as a statement piece in your own wardrobe.

Made by:

This silver necklace was hand-crafted by Carrie, the founder of Pumpernickel and Wry. She started making hand-made gifts in 2011, never guessing it would turn into a business! She hand-picks vintage goods from antique stores and up-cycles them into necklaces and more at her shop in Arizona.


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